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Winning Infrastructure Projects

ARCAS specializes in advising and working with executives and their organizations to develop timely and effective winning project development strategies in various sectors of the economy, including energy (traditional and renewable), transportation (air, rail, maritime), and the environment.

Around the Globe

ARCAS combines 30 years of experience managing complex engineering-construction, manufacturing and production operations.

ARCAS's President and Founder has led operations, business development and sales efforts for several leading global organizations in existing and emerging markets. His successful track record in delivering winning projects includes a number of senior executive assignments with several large multinationals in the engineering-construction, assembly automation and manufacturing for the transportation, aerospace, energy, port and water sectors.  

One of ARCAS’s core strengths resides in its ability to call on a board of senior advisors made up of seasoned experts, strategically located around the globe.

Our Approach to Winning

Our strength reside in our ability to analyze and develop projects taking into account all relevant technical, commercial, financial and political parameters.

Loosing is definitely not an option!

We believe that winning a project at a certain price while achieving a specific target profit must be an integral part of a systems approach to winning. This basic premise allows us to consider, analyze and understand all the elements and factors that may, or may not, intervene on the path of success towards meeting the objective. 

“Losing is not an option” in our approach, therefore, we focus our strategy and actions on those key elements that, based on our experience, result in a winning development. We employ several basic principles, including early engagement, building the most effective capture team structure, understanding the customer requirements, defining the competitive landscape, developing creative brand and marketing solutions and identifying potential teaming partners that can enhance the technical, commercial & financial offering. 

As part of the project development, we assist the team with a comprehensive assessment of 12 key success factors using a parametric model, which has been tried and tested repeatedly to generate successful results. This dashboard is introduced early in the development and is applied throughout the process in order to assess continued progress towards the ultimate goal, i.e. winning the project.  

How We Support You

Through our experience and network we are able to engage effectively in a number of countries on all continents.

ARCAS has a vast expertise in the procurement of private and public capital infrastructure assets. 

Due to the variability of a number of important factors, such as budget, schedule, project scope, competitive landscape etc. these projects demand high levels of commercial expertise, resourcing and specialist management skills that are not always available in-house. This is where we can provide value-added assistance to clients. 

ARCAS can offer advice and provide resources for various types of capital projects and concessions, as well as Brownfield and Greenfield projects, privatizations, partial privatizations and franchising, that call for established or new delivery models.  

Sectors for Intervention

Our project structure and processes provide strong control, focus and alignment of team objectives.

ARCAS can support bid teams in the Project Development Phase, working closely with all disciplines to ensure project commercial dynamics are optimized to create a winning bid supported by risk analysis and with acceptable levels of profitability. As well, we are able to develop the best financing and delivery structure based on a variety of models. 

A key part of winning is creating the brand, shaping the key messages and reaching the right stakeholders.  ARCAS’s principals have considerable experience creating innovative strategies with all the necessary supporting documentation and presentation material. 

At the appropriate stage we will work closely with legal advisers to devise and deliver the best contract negotiation strategies and support the technical, commercial and financial teams to broker and deliver a timely deal closure. 

ARCAS can also assist in the identification and development of new projects – assessing long term viability, development costs, and risks.  


Transport : Railway

Developing successful projects: low to high capacity urban rail transit systems in North America, Europe and Asia.

Transport : Aerospace

Developing successful projects : civilian and military modernization program for complete aircraft refurbishing.

Transport : Maritime

Developing successful projects: innovative vision and plan to expand port & harbor.

Energy : Renewables, Hydropower

Developing successful projects: renewable energy projects from hydropower to solar. Industrial optimization of solar manufacturing plant.

Industrialization : Automation

Developing successful projects: large scale automation projects in the healthcare sector with multiple partners (institutional and industrials).

Environment : Water

Developing successful projects: large projects with strategic bodies of water.

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